Spirit Animals
History of Spirit Animals
Spirit Animals

People may not be aware what a spirit animal is, but it is something in their lives that is a form of guidance in their everyday walk of life. A spirit animal is also known as a totem animal, which simply represents an individual’s connection to life, his character and power.  This is possible through the shamanic practice in Europe, Asia and the Americas, which allows this animal spirit to protect people from harm. A spirit animal is a helping spirit, which empowers them by offering prosperity in any venture they undertake. 

A spirit animal is not necessarily just guidance; but something that teaches people what they need to learn. They need this so they know how to encounter challenges of their spirit walk. Spirit animals possess skills, powers and knowledge to teach and share with people. Each of them provides their own method of overcoming the daily struggles that people meet to survive. 

Spirit animals beckon people to stay connected with their selves and their life’s purpose. They seem to appear repeatedly in similar patterns and themes. Through this, people are informed about certain hidden messages in everyday experiences.  There are many ways to discover and recognize your spirit animal. However, a person should not make a choice for a spirit animal based on image. It is actually the spirit animal that chooses that person. 

Communicating with Spirit Animals
The image of a spirit animal is general. It appears like a special event coming as a teacher that guides and protects people. The spirit animal does not bring one simple message. It awakens people to a new spiritual awareness to reveal to them the purpose of their spiritual journey. You can see these messages by understanding the nature and habits of the animals. Every animal has unique skills to survive their environment.  Receiving a message could come by just seeing a particular animal, or a image of that animal which grabs your attention.  A spirit animal of a turtle showing up may be telling you to slow down and be patient in your goal. A turtle in a shell could mean take cover from incoming danger. Spirit animals make you learn how to respond to daily struggles, just like how they respond to their own struggles. 

In many countries, the native people have animal spirits that are very important to their lives. Once people get to know their spirit animal, you get a better understanding and insight about your life circumstances, and experience the totem power. A totem animal manifests a certain energy that aligns the forces of spiritual realms to influencing your life. 

BatBrings good luck and happiness; instructs you to face your fears
BearInstructs stability, maturity, leadership, strength 
BeeInstructs productivity, diligence
ButterflyInstructs love, transformation, change
BuffaloInstructs confidence to attain goals
CatInstructs independence and predictability, clear perception 
CrowInstructs good analysis, adaptability, cleverness
CowInstructs fertility and nurturing 
DogInstructs unconditional love, loyalty
DolphinInstructs trust, harmony, communication
DragonInstructs fertility, wisdom
EagleInstructs freedom, courage, spiritual balance
ElephantInstructs intelligence, loyalty, strength
FishInstructs transitions, life
Frog Instructs fertility, transformation, abundance
GiraffeInstructs intuition, flexibility
HawkAbility to assess situations before making decisions
HippoInstructs routines, motherhood
HorseInstructs friendship, freedom, power, stamina
LionInstructs strength, courage
MonkeyInstructs curiosity, energy
OwlInstructs wisdom, magic
PigInstructs intelligence, prosperity
RabbitInstructs fertility, vigilance, love
RoosterInstructs new beginnings
SwanInstructs idealism, open-mindedness, passion
SheepInstructs purification through forgiveness
SnakeInstructs healing, wisdom, rebirth
TigerInstructs sexual energy, passion
TurtleInstructs opportunity, longevity
WhaleInstructs provision, creation, awakening
WolfInstructs loyalty, discipline

There is much to learn about spirit animals and the inspiration they can provide. This may seem uncommon to many, but these practices are actually happening in many areas of the world. When analyzed closely, many animals will have similar personalities to each individual human.  After a person opens their minds and realizes this, they may feel a stronger connection to that animal and mother nature than ever before.

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